Building Inspections / Surveys

SilverSky Media can save you time and money by providing aerial inspections and surveys in hard to reach areas like roofs and chimneys using a UAV (drone).

We can fly our drones close to buildings providing high resolution images or 4k video footage of high up, awkward access or in accessible areas. At SilverSky Media we can prove a quick and efficient inspection solution avoiding the immediate need for scaffolding avoiding the need for anyone to leave the ground for an initial inspection.

We do all the organising and safety checks in line with UAV (drone) CAA (Civil Aviation Authority) regulations.  Planning can take many hours and is all done off site before the day of the flight to ensure that we are fully prepared on the day.

We provide you with detailed pictures and / or video so that you can inspect the roof, gutters, brickwork, roof tiles, lightning conductors, bell towers etc for your analysis in your own time. This offers you the ability to zoom in for detailed analysis.

Please visit our pricing page for more information. We are also happy to discuss multi site inspections, regular maintenance inspections and contract work.